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February 4th, 2009

Version Control System

At a very basic level, a version control system, is like having a big undo feature for the entire project. Versions of a file can be reverted back to a previous version or even the entire project can be rolled back to a previous state. As changes are made and checked into the repository a log message is written to describe it, so later it is easy to generate a Changelog that shows the changes from release to release. While this project has only one developer, me, in general multiple developers would be involved in a project and having a VCS can help support collaboration while also providing accountability for each change made by each user.

I’ve used CVS and Subversion on other projects, so I have experience with both and know the benefits of both first hand. CVS is now an old version control system which lacks some features of newer version control systems. Knowing that there are many other systems available I’ve decided to use Subversion for my project as I know it has the features I need and I don’t have the time to invest into any other system.

Project Repository: